Scotlandtitle: The League of Lord and Ladies


Welcome to the prestigious League of Lord and Ladies, where you can fulfill your dream of owning a plot of land in Scotland and embrace your noble title. In this unique opportunity, not only do you become a proud member of the league, but you also contribute to a nature conservation project. With various packages to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your aspirations and desires. Let’s explore the options and benefits of joining the league!

The League of Lord and Ladies Experience

What Does the League Offer?

When you order your plot through ScotlandTitle, you receive a range of exclusive benefits that enhance your experience as a Lord or Lady. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll receive:

  • Master Title Deed: A personalized certificate that authenticates your noble title.
  • League of Lord & Ladies Membership: Join the proud community of Lords and Ladies who share a passion for nature conservation.
  • Visiting Instructions: Gain access to your plot of land and enjoy the breathtaking Scottish landscape firsthand.
  • Digital Account: Manage your membership details and stay connected with fellow members through the league’s online platform.

Choose Your Land Size and Package

The league offers different packages to suit your preferences and budget. Each package includes unique features and benefits. Let’s explore the options:

Couple Package:

  • 2 x 5 square feet land
  • Lord & Lady certificate
  • Couple painting
  • Unique number plot
  • Plots next to each other
  • Plant 2 trees on your behalf

Gold Package:

  • 10 square feet land
  • Title certificate
  • Painting
  • Unique number plot
  • The right to visit your plot
  • Plant 5 trees on your behalf

Silver Package:

  • 5 square feet land
  • Title certificate
  • Painting
  • Unique number plot
  • The right to visit your plot
  • Plant 1 tree on your behalf

Standard Package:

  • 1 square feet land
  • Title certificate
  • Unique number plot
  • The right to visit your plot

Delivery and Certificate

ScotlandTitle ensures timely delivery of your package. Here are the estimated delivery times for the hardcopy certificates:

  • Europe: 1 – 5 Working Days
  • Rest of the World: 10 – 14 Working Days

Additionally, you will receive a digital certificate within 24-48 hours of your purchase, allowing you to start enjoying your noble title right away.

Reviews from Satisfied Lords and Ladies

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied members have to say about their experience with the league:

“Thank you for this fun gift! Now I can go through life as Lord. Nobody is safe. Everybody must call me Lord! I even have it now on my bank card haha! The parcel I got within days. The certificate is hanging on the wall. Sincerely yours, Lord John van Frei.” – Lord John van Frei

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