Lynx: The Case for Rewilding

In the race to find a solution for the proliferation of deer in Scotland as well as elsewhere, campaigners for rewilding projects have turned their attention towards the lynx, one of the smaller varieties of big cat. Lynx, though today living wild throughout northern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia, have been absent from the […]

Has ex-Arsenal Nicklas Bendtner officially become a Lord? Has ex-Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner officially become a Lord in Scotland? (Probably not) The Danish hitman has had the nickname for some time, but things have been taken to the next level in one PR stunt Get in: Lord Bendtner loves his new title (Photo: Getty) After years of the jokey nickname, Nicklas Bendtner […]

Beekeeping, an interview with Tim Rowe

Here at the nature reserve our beehives are quiet. The weather outside is frightful, so the bees huddle together for warmth (who can blame them), and eat their way through the honey stores they spent all summer and autumn making. In their huddle, called a ‘winter cluster’ the worker bees work in rotation constantly fluttering their wings and […]

Interviews: Lord Thomas Brumm

Hello and welcome back to our series of occasional interviews from some of our nature reserve visitors this year. Here is an interview from one of our community, Lord Thomas Brumm of Germany, who visited the Nature Reserve back in early September. Lord Thomas Brumm HT: Hello Lord Thomas, and thank you for taking part in […]