• - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

    - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

  • - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

    - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

  • - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

    - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

  • - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

    - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

  • - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

    - Enjoy the life as Lord & Lady -

The Story

The Story <!-- The Everlasting Gift -->

Together with our partners, our mission is to fund the creation of multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland by selling the most engaging gift in the world.

The League of Lords and Ladies is working together with Highland Titles and the Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland. Together with H.T., we believe we are well on the way to achieving this, and do not know of another gift company that engages so well and so often with its customers.

Huge pride in our mission, as do our customers. Tens of thousands of Lairds Lords and Ladies have visited the nature reserves all of whom have strengthened their emotional ties with Scotland.

Natural Progress

The Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood was acquired in 2007. It consisted of 250 acres that had long been used for commercial forestry and hill farming. This became the focus of an ambitious long-term project to transform the land into a nature reserve. Key objectives for the land included

  • To help preserve and encourage protection of flora and fauna in the West Highland area
  • To offer an amenity to the local community
  • To provide an education medium for local schools and organizations
  • The plans were laid out in full in our first Five-Year Plan, published in 2008. This document reviews our performance against the original goals we set out for conserving the Nature Reserve.

In 2014, H.T. were able to purchase a second plot of land approximately 10 miles West of lnvergarry, called Mountain View. As with so much of the Highlands, this 200 acre site had been used for commercial forestry and planted mainly with non-native Sitka spruce. H.T. eventually hope to create multiple havens for wildlife at this site and shortly after the purchase of this land in 2014, H.T. created Bumblebee Haven, an area protected against deer with a fence, which with the help of the Bumblebee Trust and Trees for Life, we hope to enrich with a variety of flowering plants and trees. As H.T. work to remove the non-native trees that provide little food or protection for the local wildlife and have been planting several areas of more suitable habitat and endeavor to plant wild flowers to provide nectar and pollen for the bees that now make their home there. In 2015 H.T. gifted 10 acres of land to Wildcat Haven who, with our help and support, are working to protect the last few genetically pure Scottish wildcats to save them from extinction. Aii, we are a proud community.

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What Our Community Says

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  • Call me Lord

    Thank you for this fun gift!
    Now I can go through life as Lord.
    Nobody is safe. Everybody must call me Lord!
    I even have it now on my banc card haha!
    The parcel I got within days. The certificate is hanging on the wall.
    Sincerely yours,
    Lord John van Frei

  • Best Gift Ever

    Best Gift Ever

    Best gift ever!
    Got this gift from my partner. And I love it!
    I never heard about this. But I am definably going to spread the word.
    It is really cool and I am helping protect the nature.
    Perfect combination. Again thank you!
    Lady Francine Loovers

  • Service was great

    WOW! This is soo much fun! Crazy cool!
    Within a week I got the gift.
    Thank you for the professional support.
    Lord Peter Jansen

  • Lord Tobias is speaking

    Thank you for your great service.
    I like the information and pictures from the natural reserve.
    Never felt this good about a gift.
    You are doing a great job.
    Cheers, Lord Tobias

  • Lady & Lord

    Lady & Lord

    On our housewarming party we got the painting, the flag and the pillow and mug.
    We needed to have some explanation. But now we understand it and love it!
    This is by far the most fun and usefull gift we ever got.
    When we have visitors over, they all ask about the painting etc.
    Thank you!

  • Thank you

    Thank you for the great service.
    Got the product quickly and your support was fast as well.



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