Interview with James Davis: Become a Lord

In this exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with James Davis, a proud owner of a plot of land in Scotland through ScotlandTitle. James recently purchased the gold package, which includes a digital painting presenting him as a lord. Let’s dive into his experience and discover why he found this gift so fun and enjoyable and how to become a lord.

The Decision to Become a Lord

Interviewer: James, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us what led you to become a lord through ScotlandTitle?

James Davis: Absolutely! I’ve always been fascinated by Scotland and its rich history. When I came across the opportunity to own a plot of land and style myself as a lord, I couldn’t resist. It seemed like a fun and unique way to connect with Scotland and support a nature conservation project at the same time. Besides, I really liked the idea of receiving a digital painting presenting me as a lord. How cool is that!

Choosing the Gold Package

Interviewer: You chose the gold package, which offers a larger land size and additional perks. What made you go for this option?

James Davis:

I really liked the thought of having a big piece of land in Scotland. The gold package was even better. It gave me more land and a digital painting that showed me as a lord. I wanted to enjoy the experience and have special artwork to show my new title.

Unboxing the Fun

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your experience when receiving the gift package?

James Davis:

It was very exciting. In a week, I got a nicely wrapped package at my door. Opening it felt like finding a treasure. Inside was the main title paper, a certificate and a digital painting of me as a lord. The details were great and made me smile right away.

The Joy of Being a Lord

Interviewer: How did it feel to officially become a lord and style yourself as such?

James Davis: It’s been an absolute blast! I’ve had so much fun embracing my newfound title. From updating my bank card with the title to playfully insisting that everyone refers to me as Lord, it has added a touch of excitement and amusement to my daily life. It’s like having a secret alter ego that brings a sense of grandeur and whimsy.

Connecting with Nature

Interviewer: Apart from the enjoyment of being a lord, do you feel a deeper connection with nature through this program?

James Davis: Absolutely. One of the aspects that drew me to the Scottish Lord & Lady program was the opportunity to support a nature conservation project. By owning a plot of land, I feel a sense of responsibility towards preserving and protecting the natural beauty of Scotland. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that my contribution is making a difference in maintaining the ecological balance and protecting the habitat for various animals. One of the benefits of the golden package is that they donate to organizations that plant trees in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Sharing the Joy

Interviewer: Have you shared your experience with others, and if so, what has been their reaction?

James Davis:

I’ve told my friends and family about it. They were really amazed by what I did. And they didn’t know about this cool chance. They thought having land and a digital painting making me a lord was really cool. We talked about Scotland, saving nature, and enjoying different kinds of gifts.

Looking Forward

Interviewer: Finally, James, do you have any plans to visit Scotland in the future and explore your plot of land?

James Davis:

Yes, for sure! I’m excited to go to Scotland and see my land. Walking on the land I own will be amazing. I’ll feel close to Scotland’s pretty land. I want to explore, meet others like me, and learn about Scotland’s history. I can’t wait for this adventure!


James Davis teaches us about fun in the Scottish Lord & Lady program. He got the gold package. It had a digital painting of him as a lord. He connects with Scotland and helps nature. His life gets fancier. His story can inspire people looking for special gifts that matter.

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