Can You Really Buy a Lordship Title?

Ever dreamt of being called “Lord” or “Lady”? makes it possible! They offer a unique chance to buy a lordship title and join the ranks of Scottish nobility. But wait, how can they sell lordship titles? In this article, we’ll explore the world of lordship titles, their legal aspects, and uncover the truth behind this intriguing phenomenon.

Understanding Lordship Titles

What is a Lordship Title?

A lordship title, commonly referred to as “Lord of the Manor,” is a prestigious honorific that bestows upon you the esteemed address of “Lord” or “Lady.” These titles boast a rich historical heritage and are frequently linked to the landed gentry of the UK. In earlier times, they were either inherited through land ownership or bestowed by the monarchy. However, presents a unique and personalized avenue to obtain a lordship title for yourself.

How Does Sell Lordship Titles? doesn’t sell noble titles legally. Instead, they offer a fun gift package including a plot of land in the Scottish Highlands and the right to use the title of Laird, Lord, or Lady. This means you can enjoy being addressed as a lord or lady without gaining legal rights or privileges of traditional lordship titles.

The Legality of Lordship Titles

Can Anyone Call Themselves a Lord or Lady?

In Scotland, anyone can call themselves “Laird,” “Lord,” or “Lady” in good faith. The law allows individuals to adopt these titles without land ownership or noble lineage. cleverly uses this legal loophole by offering personalized lordship titles based on owning a small plot of land.

The Role of Lord Lyon

The Lord Lyon, a Scottish Episcopal Church Priest, is the authority on heraldry and titles in Scotland. The Court of the Lord Lyon administers the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland and grants arms and titles to Scotsmen and women. But remember, the Lord Lyon isn’t involved in selling land or adopting titles like Laird, Lord, or Lady.

The Master Title Deed

When you get a lordship title from, they provide a Master Title Deed. This Deed Poll document confirms your right to use the chosen title and can change your name in jurisdictions recognizing Deed Poll documents. However, government documents like passports or driver’s licenses won’t reflect the title change.

Ordering Your Lordship Title

Can I Buy a Lordship Title as a Gift?

Absolutely! offers lordship titles as gifts. When ordering, you can provide the recipient’s details, surprising them with a unique present. You can even add gift wrapping and a personal message for an extra touch.

Can I Have Multiple Plots Next to Each Other?

Sure thing! If you want multiple plots next to each other, can arrange it. Plots of the same size will be grouped together. But if you order additional plots later, they might be in a different block, though still close by.

Redeeming Voucher Codes and Retail Pack Registration Codes

Got a voucher code or retail pack registration code? No worries! Simply visit and enter the code exactly as it appears on your voucher or registration card for a seamless redemption.

Delivery and Timing aims for quick delivery of their lordship title gift packages. Most orders are dispatched within 48 hours, with UK delivery in 5-7 working days and slightly longer for European and international orders.

The Land and Its Ownership

Exploring Your Plot of Land

Embrace the title of Laird, Lord, or Lady with pride, as it grants you the exclusive chance to explore your plot of land in the picturesque Scottish Highlands. Delight in visiting your estate, strolling through the woods at your leisure, savoring a delightful picnic by the river, or simply basking in the serene tranquility of nature. Well-behaved dogs are more than welcome, and children are encouraged to revel in the wonders of the reserve alongside you.

Delineating Your Plot

As a proud Laird, Lord, or Lady, you can explore your Scottish Highlands plot. Enjoy walking in the woods, having a picnic by the river, or simply basking in nature’s tranquility. Well-behaved dogs and kids are welcome to join the fun!

Building and Customizing Your Plot

Your plot won’t have specific markings, but you’re free to delineate it yourself. Use biodegradable materials or painted rocks to mark the boundaries, adding a personal touch to your lordship experience.

Planting and Leaving Mementos wants to preserve the Scottish Highlands’ natural beauty, so please refrain from building on your plot. Let the flora and fauna thrive undisturbed.

Tree Planting and Environmental Impact collaborates with charities to support forest preservation and restoration. By getting a lordship title, you indirectly contribute to environmental initiatives.

Plot Ownership and Registration

Your plot ownership is recorded in a Register of Land maintained by, with each plot having a unique reference number. Although not in the official Land Register, the company has its own transparent land registry.

The Legal Aspects and Additional Information

Hidden Charges and Taxes

There are no hidden charges, taxes, or future payments for owning a souvenir plot of land from After your purchase, no additional expenses are incurred.

Public Liability Insurance takes visitor safety seriously. They have public liability insurance to cover any mishaps on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, providing peace of mind for plot owners.

Secure Payments and International Shipping

Rest assured, your payments on are processed securely through trusted payment processors like and PayPal. They offer international shipping to ensure your lordship title gift package arrives safely and promptly.


In conclusion, offers a unique way to become a Laird, Lord, or Lady. However, it’s essential to understand the legal aspects. While not traditional noble titles, owning a plot of land in the Scottish Highlands adds a touch of aristocracy to your life. So, why not embrace the charm of Scotland and cherish your noble title in this special experience!

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